03 February 2006

your weekend commute--followed by a stream of consciousness ramble

according to this week's advisories, those of you who live somewhere in the general vicinity of the gowanus canal or prospect park should have a pretty easy time of it. the only thing effecting us will be the N and R stopping at dekalb and going over the bridge.

Safety reminder of the week: Running can really slow you down. Do not take the risk, take the next train.

you know what else can slow you down? taking the fucking subway on the weekends. the weather's supposed to be pretty nice, so just walk.

speaking of weather. we all know i'm no fan of
cold weather generally, but what the fuck is this shit? it's just plain creepy now. i could totally be wearing a t shirt. actually, i am wearing a t shirt. it's just under a sweater. maybe i'll take the sweater off and wear a FUCKING T SHIRT IN FEBRUARY. really, i would like to see a little snow this year. you know one big dump of 4" or so and then it can melt like two days later when i'm totally over it.

it's gonna be a sweet weekend. tonight: m ward (with special guests,
michael pitt's band, pagoda. sure to be a stunner!) tomorrow, i think i might have to return to camp and give the bartender all the tips we stiffed him on last week (and see if the free beer is still flowing). sunday, despite my total lack of interest in football (american style), i am going to a superbowl party. perhaps i shall be blown away by an advertisement for a new razor. because what i'm really looking for is the ultimate shaving experience.

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