23 February 2006

things you can learn from the park slope courier and Brooklyn Papers

Princess Cruises and Holland America Line are offering speedier service to denali national park in alaska. if you are the kind of person who thinks a cruise is a good idea for a holiday, stay the hell out of alaska.

apparently there is a
boycott of brooklyn brewery going on based on the fact that the owner, Steve Hindy, is publicly supporting all-around shithead bruce ratner.

the gowanus canal's broken (read: clogged up with mafia hits) water pump should be fixed in 2008 instead of 2010. hurry up and buy now. awesome quote: and when there is flooding, there will be less fecal matter in the water -- Dan Wiley, community liaison for Representative Nydia Velazquez (d-the slope). the 19th c. pipes will be upgraded to push fecal overflow to a sewage treatment plant and will allow more power to pump "less-filthy" water from the Buttermilk Channel.

cousins II is closed.

this is an ap story--those of you familiar with
kinara may remember that it took over the space that was once "Carnival Ice Cream". I was saddened when this place shut down, because it seemed like a cute little local ice cream shop. i don't think i ever actually went in there, but they used to have cakes and little decorations in the front window that made it look like a pretty happy place. turns out it was a happy little front for TERRORISM. that's right, the Yemeni owner was sentenced to 15.5 years for "illegally funnelling nearly $22 million to terrorists overseas". the owner, Abad Elfgeeh, said he didn't realize that the fellow immigrants who were transferring money through him were sending cash to terrorists. of course, the government says the money helped fund al-qaeda and hamas.

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