02 February 2006

just wait until you get about 3 minutes into this

ok, so this whole remix thing. i sorta get it and i sorta don't, and this remix of jose gonzalez doing "heartbeats" is a perfect example why. (disregarding that his version is already a cover) jose's purtty little song was just that. it never occured to me (and perhaps this has something to do with me being neither a dj nor a musician) to slap some beats behind it and speed up the singing and take this total sunday morning song and turn it into a really, really, really late friday night song. it's not like you can even get down to this version. i dunno. i guess it's just not for me. it cheeses it up a bit too much. i mean, it's like they used the standard casio clapping beat. yeah, god, it's terrible.

but really, listen to it. at least until about 2min 40...you'll know what i mean.

it's probably worth a little of your time to click here and listen to the original by the knife. it's 80'stastic.


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