01 February 2006

at least it's not the end of the world

still being undecided about whether or not i could stomach the state of our union, the brit and i ran downtown after work to dash a couple of pints at lunasa. the jensenator arrived through the magic of dodgeball and the three of us proceeded to have one of my favorite conversations: our first albums.

there were two guys playing chess and drinking guiness at the bar, they seemed pretty serious about it.

finally jensenator and i headed back to the slope and got a patriotic sixer of sam adams and proceeded to watch what was left of the SotU. we tried to keep up with the rules of the game, but it was pretty damn hard. i wondered how many people all over the city were sitting in front of a tv somewhere and yelling at it as much as we were. of course, i had to follow it up with a west wing to return to happyland.

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