17 February 2006

someone go see the mugs for me

last night i walked home from city hall. amongst other things, i noticed a fair number of brooklyn heights denizens still have wreaths on their doors. dudes, just pull it off and throw it in the trash. you all probably have maids anyway.

on the way home i stopped at music matters and picked up "paper scissors rock", the ep from the mugs. i'll admit it disappointed me. the tracks they have to listen to online sound far more lush, so maybe they've remixed since the original recording. however, the mugs are playing scenic tonight, but as the moms is in town, and i'm pretty sure she's not gonna want to hit the show after we see whatever we're going to see at 122, i'm gonna have to miss this one. jerry yeti is planning on going, but i recommend to any of you out there with nothing to do tonight to buzz on down to scenic and check them out. and here's why.

the guy at music matters was extremely enthusiastic when he saw i was buying the ep. said they're really great live, sound better than the do on the ep. kexp is putting people on the guest list if you call them up and tell them you want to go. at least that's what they were doing yesterday.

and a little irony? these dudes used to play buttermilk (otherwise known as an extension of my living room in which beer is served) all the time. so i'm fairly sure that some day i walked past the milk, saw there was a band and said, "let's just go to commonwealth". i was thinking about how many times i did that, and how much i loved the jukebox and how tony (formerly of buttermilk) kept it stocked with quality tunes and i caught myself and realized. maybe i should have trusted buttermilk to have a fairly reasonable band. although the sound blows.

anyhoo. the moms and i are kickin' it hipster style and staying at the motherfucking hotel on rivington tonight. i hope we get the room with the three person shower, cause the moms is really fat. no, she's not. tomorrow the maj and i are going to see elefant and avoid black rebel motorcycle club. woot!

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