15 February 2006

pre-valentine delight

monday the brit and i went to St. Etienne (i'm not even bothering to link because the new site isn't functional and the "mothballed" one was last updated in 2003) at Irving Plaza. I think the last time i was at ip was for the shins in 2004, just after valentine's day. pretty interesting fact, eh?

anyway, they were PHENOMENAL. it was such a fun show. definitely an older crowd than i'm used to (read: mostly my age and older) but everyone was very much into it.

there's a great quality to their music that is at once comforting and exciting. their early 90s nostalgia goes a long way with me. and i think sarah cracknell has one of the most unique voices ever.

subpop site.


micah said...

ok, i was wavering on this, having seen the flyer last weekend, but on the strength of your recomendation i just bought tickets for their show at here at the fillmore on friday. if it sucks, i'll hold you personally responsible.


wild cherry sara said...

i'll accept that. although if you can't have a good time at st etienne show, something major is wrong...let me know how it is!