13 February 2006

der golem

friday (beta), woozy, guillaume and i went to the Rubin Museum (awesome museum, btw) for a screening of this super old german expressionist film, the golem (do i sound pretentious yet? give me a minute). the film was shown and this dude gary lucas was on hand to perform the score live. he had acoustic, electric and steel guitars and he was phenomenal. i could hardly watch the movie for his fingers flying all over the fretboard. it was fantastic. the movie itself is kind of whimsical. in that german expressionist kind of way.

so i went to the site to look up more about this gary lucas guy, and check this mofo out:

Gary Lucas is known for his collaborations with Jeff Buckley, Captain Beefheart and the Magic Band, Leonard Bernstein, Lou Reed, Nick Cave, David Johansen, John Cale, Mary Margaret O'Hara, John Zorn, Peter Stampfel, Patti Smith, Future Sound of London, Joan Osborne, Matthew Sweet, Iggy Pop, Bryan Ferry, Allen Ginsberg, Dr. John, Graham Parker, Bob Weir, and many others. Lucas co-leads a jazz-oriented instrumental Beefheart tribute band, Fast 'N' Bulbous. His band Gods and Monsters features Lucas on guitar, vocals and electronics and the rhythm section of Ernie Brooks (Modern Lovers) on bass and Billy Ficca (Television) on drums.

he made some truly weird sounds come out of that electric guitar.

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