06 February 2006

welcome to my photoblog

i got a digicam for that time of year when everyone gets presents and i've finally put some of the photos on my computer. so here, without further ado, are my first wobbly pictures from friday's walk over the williamsburg bridge.

this one to the left here is the cables above the bridge. this picture doesn't do them any justice when you consider that it was a perfectly clear night and i could see all of 12 or so stars behind the cables. also, the cables are not red in real life.

this whole walk came about since the maj and i were headed off to warsaw to see m ward. we figured since it was such an insanely warm winter eve, we should walk from the les.

we stopped off for a lovely smithwick's at royal oak, which i loved. certainly one of the most village-pub-esque bars in all of nyc. i will be returning.

as one of the great mysteries of the universe, someone booked this band pagoda (which includes michael pitt, whom you may remember from such movies as 'the dreamers', that gus van sant thing about kurt cobain and 'murder by numbers') as the opener. clearly michael hasn't gotten past his days of pretending to be KC. he was sporting a shaggy haircut which he made sure covered most of his face, a surplus army jacket, and the same blue guitar as the man himself. he also impersonated the wailing scream, the 'woe is me' lyrics and the tortured soul look. this. band. sucks. ass. hard. they were so bad, no one in the audience was even bobbing their heads. most people were looking around at each other and whispering what i can only imagine were thoughts of disappointment and anger. the maj and i booked out to the bar and waited for the pain to stop.

m ward was excellent. this was a much more diverse show than the other ones i've seen. he did a lot more of his quieter stuff, which was lovely. he had a piano and a band, which made things more interesting. i was very pleased when, for his second encore, he played 'carolina', which was the song that got me hooked.

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