28 February 2006

we're all strangers, whooooaaaaaaah

shame on me, i neglected to urge you all to go to the joemca & poets show last night at mercury lounge. it's too bad if you missed it. it's so nice to see them back at merc., they've been stuck in kind of crappy little places the last few shows.

although i voiced my disapproval, they removed "dawn dream" from the set list, but they added a couple of new songs and "strangers" was totally awesome, dude.

before the show xx and jensenator and i had dinner at mo pitkin's house of satisfaction, which might be the best named restaurant i've ever been to. i had the brisket and it could've used a lot more trimming of the fat. it was tasty, but on more than one occasion i ended up with an entire mouthful of, well, ick. xx had the borscht salad, which i imagine is good if you're into that sort of thing, but beets are not for me. jensenator went rotisserie chicken style and that was yummy. plus, it came with mashed potatoes. the rolls were fantastic, and jensenator kindly allowed us to try his "loisida" (not so sure i spelled that right), which is cream soda and whiskey, and also divine.

we bounced into 12" who are now, because of their new management, open on mondays. the barmaid was thrilled to see us, cause apparently many of the clientele are still operating under the idea that there's no there there on mondays. she was not, however, thrilled to be there, as it was so slow. she was very nice, and clearly ready to lock up the bar as we headed over to the show.

i didn't hear much of the band before, and i don't remember their name, but two of our companions seemed to enjoy them OK, and one of them was really hot.

UPDATE: it seems like a number of bloggers went to see the band that opened for joemca, kunek. here are their takes (the link to jerry's review is fucked). i now remember jonny 5 saying something about "nicer melodies than coldplay" or some such.

More words blogger doesn't know:
in addition to being anti-mexican, they are clearly anti-semitic as well.

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