21 February 2006

i went for the opener

elefant played webster hall saturday with black rebel motorcycle club. the maj and i were there. at least for elefant.

i don't have the new album, but they played quite a few off "sunlight makes me paranoid", which made me happy. the lead singer, though. wow.

this guy is somewhere between andrew w. k. and julian the strokes dude. and he's an idiot. elefant are not what i'd call 'hard', but this guy clearly didn't know that. he was jumping all over the place and did this hilarious thing where he'd crouch down and reach out to the audience like he was jon bon jovi in a video or something.

things got more interesting when he took off a fan's hat, put it on and then threw it up to the balcony. he missed though, it bounced off the side and fell back into the crowd. if that had been my hat, i'da been pissed. then he took of his HUGE BOOTS and threw them into the crowd. yes! i love a band that throws potentially injurous objects into the crowd. he then disposed of both of his socks and something else, which flew right at me and the maj, but we, along with everyone else around us, just jerked out of the way. the guy next to me picked it up, but i couldn't tell what it was.

they played a pretty short set, being the opener and all, so we were out of there by about 8pm. we had a quick two pitchers at grassroots before deciding it was just too cold to do anything else. plus, the moms was at my apartment apparently watching law & order after law & order, so i figured i should go hang out with her.

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