28 April 2006

a quick interactive post

1. read this part of the MTA's weekly advisory notice:

No trains between 71-Continental Avs and Court Sq
8:30 PM Fri to 5 AM Mon, Apr 28 - May 1 and May 5 - 8

Specifically, this part:

Manhattan-bound trains run express from 71-Continental to Roosevelt Avs
12:01 AM Sun to 5 AM Mon, May 7 - 8

2. click on this link and look at the subway map.

3. explain to me which exactly is a MANHATTAN-BOUND G train...??? and if there are NO trains from 71-continental and court sq, how can those trains run EXPRESS???


Safety reminder of the week: Hold On! 75% of customer accidents happen on subway stairs and escalators. and when i walk straight into you because you refuse to move out of my way when i get off the fucking train.

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