06 February 2006

more bullshit from the mta, and some other stuff to piss you off

Practically every story on this morning’s gothamist is worth reading and being annoyed by.

First, they’re all on about the stupid things the mta wants you to think it’s going to do sometime in the future. Glass doors on the platforms? What the hell for? So people can break them and to that scratchitti or whatever it’s called on them? I don’t think so. Maps so you can see not only which train you’re on but where all the others are for easier transfers? Methinks all this will cause is more frustration when you are arriving and you see that you will just barely miss the train to which you would like to transfer. Yeah, tell the commuters what they’re missing. Haven’t these people heard the phrase “ignorance is bliss”?

Then they move on to the map of
atlantic yards. While it’s a useful rendition, atlantic yards puts me in a bad mood.

Finally there’s that stupid crap about using the “I heart ny” logo without someone’s consent. Please, people. Really.

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