21 February 2006

sometimes getting better is worse than being sick

i am the proud owner of an upper respritory infection. of course, normally i would allow this thing to run its course as, perhaps a "crappy sore throat" or a "cold". but doing such a thing is nearly impossible when your mother is in town. she insisted i see the doctor as i am extremely prone to strep and tonsular abcesses (yes, they are as not cool as they sound).

i made an appointment for 1230 yesterday and after all was said and done, i got home around 430. three hours in a doctor's office is just no fun. i love when the nurse comes in and says "he's just speaking with another doctor, it'll be about 10 minutes" and he shows up 45 minutes later. the good news is that i managed to make significant progress on a clockwork orange, which i have to finish soon because it's coming up on the netflix queue.

then i went to the pharmacy. here's what happens at the pharmacy:
1. you give them your papers and they say "about 1/2 hour" -- i'm sure they have plenty to do, but does it really take half an hour to dump 40 pills into two bottles? doubtful.
2. you come back in 25 minutes after you've killed all the time you can, miserable, wanting badly to get home and fall asleep on the couch, or as it turned out, bake an apple cake (so good) and stand there.
3. you walk over to the condoms and read all the different varieties. you notice that disturbing ky warming stuff.
4. they call your name and tell you you have no refills on a drug you were not prescribed. you panic. they realize you do not have a prescription for whatever they were talking about. you frantically check the bottles they give you.
5. they tell you you have to return the bottles they've just given you and take this receipt thing to the front and pay there because their register is down.
6. you wait in an infinitely long line to pay $50 for two medications.
7. you turn in your reciept for the pills and are finally released.

then, when your roommate comes home and you tell him you're sick and on antibiotics, he says something terrifying: "oh, i guess that means you can't drink".


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