26 September 2005

oh, inverted sleep patterns

It’s a funny thing about birthday parties, they always last until at least 4 a.m. I started out Friday at Porch for a friend’s (one of the creators of dodgeball) 29th, and we ended up at Sing Sing on St. Mark’s until well past 4. I think it was around 5:30 when I was in my apartment again. One thing I should say about that, everyone should always sing “Sister Christian”.

I’d promised myself no plans on Saturday to allow for a full recovery as it was my best friend’s birthday party that night, and I wanted to be in top form. I managed to get about five hours of sleep and we had a lovely dinner at
Cafe Charbon - Epicerie, and then went to Brooklyn Social, which is always a good time.

It seemed appropriate that we all order as many of the cocktails as we could, and so we did. I was partial to the Amalfi, and the Italian American was pretty tasty as well, I managed to avoid the Old Fashioned this time, even though they are a favorite of mine when I want to get completely, how you say, shitfaced? The place was packed with another birthday party, but they donated some of their cupcakes to our cause, so that was good. Eventually, there was some good Motown and 20’s and 30’s jazzy stuff and we were wastedly dancing the night away. However, it seemed the management wasn’t so hot on the dancing thing and played Beethoven’s Fifth, which we were hoping was going to turn out to be “
A Fifth of Beethoven” and would thus be the beginning of a string of disco hits.

Alas, it was (as we decided, the two dwindling birthday parties uniting on the dance floor) only a cruel trick by the management to kill our desire to dance. This discussion turned more violent when some of us went out to smoke and became passionately riled about the silliness of both the cabaret law (which I think has been repealed) and peoplewho don’t want you to dance in their bars. “What is this, Footloose? We just want to DANCE!” etc. and so on. This dissolved into a Kevin Bacon discussion to which my only contribution was, “I think he looks like a woman made of plastic”. This did not go over well.

The next day was the Atlantic Antic, which I had to attend. Because I said so. We got out there about 330 and by the time we got to Magnetic Field, the Soul Shakers were just finishing up. They were awesome, go see them. We wandered around, saw Rob Corddry, had amazing codfish cakes and banana pudding and brisket on a roll and just as we were about to pass out from exhaustion, it was time to get on the train for Coney Island.

I’ve always wanted to go to a Cyclones game, but it’s one of those things I keep talking about doing and never actually doing, like going back to the gym or knitting myself a hat. The point being, I’d never been to Keyspan Park before last night. It’s wicked cool. M. Ward played a nice rockin’ set. The Shins were a lot shorter and less fun than previous shows, but I suppose that they were just the opener. They played “gone for good”, “one by one all day”, “when I goosestep”, “girl on the wing”, “know your onion”, “girl inform me”, “kissing the lipless”, at least, and not in that order. The Stripes came on and made a lot of noise for just two people. I personally am not that into them anyway, but they put on a pretty good show. Plus, it was just time for me to go to sleep by the time they got ½ way through their set.

And now, I have no steam left. At all. Tonight I'm gonna start knitting that hat.

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