30 September 2005

some parent conditioned him to fear and respect that escalator

afghanistan has a mall (whew, looks like they're gonna be OK then). but no one wants to get on the escalator.

It is nice to shop here. The markets outside are dusty," said shop owner Abdul Kasim.

"That is real development. I wish Afghanistan were full of shopping malls," said customer Abdul Fatah, who had just purchased a silver wristwatch.

I'm pretty sure Abdul has nothing to worry about.

but wait, they're pretty clever over there...

Habib Safi plans to erect two skyscrapers with an incorporated shopping mall in the western Afghan town of Herat. In his office hang blueprints for the structures, which are to be called the Twin Towers.Christening the Herat towers after their New York counterparts, whose destruction was plotted by Osama bin Laden in Afghanistan, is not at all tasteless, argues one of Safi's employees."The difference is that our towers won't collapse," he smirks.

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