06 February 2006

sooner or later i'll come to see you

blast! curses! god-bloody-dammit!

i can't believe i didn't know this.

NEXT: My Morning Jacket's Jim James joined M. Ward on stage for four songs at Warsaw in Brooklyn Friday night (Feb 3).
"...Matt Ward took to the stage with a rhythm guitarist, bassist and drummer. Halfway through his set, Jim James came out for a few numbers and the crowd was happy a lot. The set spanned M.'s three albums...." [
Trouser Mouse]

'k, so i was TOTALLY AT THAT SHOW AND HAD NO IDEA WHO THAT GUY WAS! and we were talking about it the next day and i was like "i couldn't really see him". and i LOVE LOVE LOVE MMJ!!!! ARGH!!!!

and, directly contrary to what i said would happen (jenny would show up at matt's show) m ward opened for jenny lewis....

you should really click on the trouser mouse link above, because he(?) describes how michael pitt smashed up his amp at the end of their set, and then had to come back out and clean it up. we were safely hidden in the bar at this point.

brooklyn vegan

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