08 February 2006

what kind of nerd am i?

considering the fact that i ran around showing everyone the new book i got from amazon today, and combining that with the fact that i am actually enjoying the elegant universe, even though i'm only on page 50, one might think i am pretty nerdy...

but i've been reading about the launch of this
songbird thingy (via waxy, see also lifehacker), i have zero idea how it works, and if there's really any point in me using it. however, i was totally stoked to see that on the screen cap they use in the boingboing article, there is a lovely selection of my morning jacket, to whom i am also currently listening.

so it seems as though i am...a wannabe nerd! someday maybe i'll get there.

and speaking of waxy, here's the trailer for nacho libre. despite the fact that it was directed by the guy who did napoleon dynamite, which i just will never get, it looks pretty funny. to wit: sometimes you wear stretchy pants.

has strongbad come to life? ok, this sbemail is one of the funnier ones i've seen in a while, although i've been slacking recently, keep this in mind, though: "Until a dorky chef's hat threatened to tear them apart." and "A cinematic breakfast snack of some kind".

HOLY SHIT! i now have a reason to buy a video ipod. strongbad podcasts!! OMG!!!

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