08 February 2006

we can't convert them if they're dead!!

Finally realizing that global warming's effects may severely reduce the number of poverty-stricken people in third world countries that are the bread & butter (if you will) of the evangelical missionary conversion initiative, they've banded together to try fix things.


Indeed, many of us have required considerable convincing before becoming persuaded that climate change is a real problem and that it ought to matter to us as Christians. But now we have seen and heard enough.

It shouldn't matter to you as humans, only as Christians. Good thing they finally came around, eh?

the Rev. Joel Hunter, pastor of a megachurch in Longwood, Fla., says: "As Christians, our faith in Jesus Christ compels us to love our neighbors and to be stewards of God's creation. The good news is that with God's help, we can stop global warming, for our kids, our world and for the Lord."

Ha! They want to do it for the Lord!!! The Lord does not give a fuck! And how can you do something for the Lord when you're going to need his help? "mom, will you help me clean the toilet? i'm doing it for you!"

The Evangelical Climate Initiative, at a cost of several hundred thousand dollars, is being supported by individuals and foundations, including the Pew Charitable Trusts, the Hewlett Foundation and the Rockefeller Brothers Foundation.

this is a bit unnerving. why is the Hewlett Foundation wrapped up in this? they wouldn't give me any money when i asked for it...

Jewish, Roman Catholic and Eastern Orthodox leaders also have campaigns under way.

Good, call in the big guns. the jews and catholics will just make global warming feel really guilty about what it's done.

Speaking of global warming, here are a couple articles about all that weird stuff they found in
indonesia. i give it 3 months before the first mcdonald's wrapper is found on the ground.

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