23 February 2006

ok, pitchfork, whatever you say

i was just reading this article about band images, it focuses on how the arctic monkeys and cyhsy blew up out of no where and how they have so much indie cred. but then i came across this absurd sentence:

Any number of indie rock groups fit the anti-image image, consciously or not. The ubiquitous Shins sprang quietly from Albuquerque, N.M., to change your life. My Morning Jacket are shaggy, Spoon are brainy, and the Constantines are Canadian, but all come off as groups of fairly regular dudes, not rock stars.

CANADIAN?!? no disrespect to the constantines, but what the bloody fuck does being canadian have to do with anything? that's just rude. does every band from canada get to be "indie"? i really don't understand what the hell that means.

and leave my morning jacket alone! i love them! CANADIAN. jesus christ.

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