24 February 2006

chipotle is stupid

ck one and i just ordered lunch from chipotle. first off, why the fuck don't these guys deliver? mcdonald's delivers, and they own chipotle, so deliver, damn you!

anyway, the website makes you sign up for an account and then you click on all the shit you want and it tells you where to pick it up. i like the idea of ordering blindly and just hoping there is a chipotle within walking distance...

here is part of the confirmation email:

It can take 10-15 minutes for us to receive your order once it's been sent. So, please call your selected Chipotle in about 10 minutes to confirm that we received it. Otherwise, your order will not be made.

so first, you want me to spend 10 mintues registering and doing all your cutsey clicking for my shit, and then you want me to call you to confirm my order--ten minutes later? wtf? this, my beloved readers, is not quick and easy. it is complicated and stupid.

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