13 February 2006

first things first

best. grey's anatomy. ever.

i especially liked the part when burke walked into the OR where mcdreamy was performing BRAIN SURGERY (on another doctor's (who is currently in labor (but refuses to push because her husband isn't there)) husband) and was all "yo, what's up?" and mcdreamy was all "yeah, not much, just doing some brain surgery, no biggie". i would think you should really think twice before just barging into an OR (OR they?) and having a little chat with a doctor who's got someone's head sliced open. i mean what if mcdreamy had jumped or something and the scalpel went right into the dude's head. "oh, whoops. so that knicks game was a drag, huh?"

there's something about a show that makes me scream "now is not the appropriate time to discuss this!!!" upwards of six times per viewing.

AAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! !!!!!! grey's anatomy, you torture me at every turn...

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you should all be shot.

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