13 March 2006

in the foosprint

saturday was the UN foosball invitational in fort greene. i was half of team zambia. the other half of team zambia was cholmers, who, thankfully, is good enough for both of us. even so, i was pretty damn shocked when we found ourselves skating through the whole tourney to re-face the only team that had beat us all day, the uzbecks, in the final showdown. this game we lost. the first games were to 5, the playoffs were best 2 out of 3 to five and the playoff game was a best of five, each game to five. we lost in three. with two points. i did manage to score twice from the goal line and finally figured out that playing d is mostly about keeping the little dudes vertical, because if they're laid out levitating over the field, the ball goes right into that goal. right in there. anyway, we were defeated in the end, which is as it should be since i'd played foosball maybe twice before.

props to mongolia and lichtenstein for some serious traditional garb. and also st. vincent & the grenadines for the leather pants confusion.

anyway, what with being in fort greene and all, and my general dislike of the piece of shit sack of greedy puss in the first place, the conversations ran to ratner pretty quickly. drankin' and i were discussing how the fight is not over, but the chances that we're gonna stop this thing are really fucking small. he also told me that bruce's brother, whose name escapes me, is a major civil rights dude.

we were in a fairly new development somewhere south of the railyards. it looked kind of like public housing, but it was very nice. hilariously (or weepily, depending on how you choose to deal), this development, which i don't think is more than 2 years old, will soon be demolished to make room for the stupidest idea ever. what a wonderful world.

i mentioned this earlier, but it seems that the owner of brooklyn brewery is pro-ratner, whilst the brewmaster is clearly the sane variety human and is against the development. to pennant ale or not to pennant ale, that is the question.

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