23 March 2006

me netflix son su netflix

xy just sent me this article in ny magazine, which i somehow missed when flipping through the hard copy i have right next to me, but no matter, about SHITTY POSTMEN STEALING (among other things) OUR NETFLIX. we now have them sent to xy's office because we literally reported about every other disc missing.

this is a timely discovery because this very saturday, xx and i came home from the gym to find "crash" on the floor just inside our door (read: flung through the mail slot). no envelope, no explanation. just a bare, uber scratched up disc. but we both remember that we reported crash missing twice. and this was before it won the academy award.

funnier and stranger still was the time we found one of xx's edumacational dvd's (some crap about genocide or some such depressing topic) in the mailbox (which is rarely, if ever, used) in only the sleeve with the descripition. the red netflix envelope was no where to be found. plus, we'd reported the damn thing missing over a week before. our mail man is such a fucking tool box.

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