31 March 2006

the super late birthday story

let's start just after we left 12" on friday...i got home and xy did something (surprise) to annoy me. i took it upon my birthday self to inform him i was going to spit toothpaste (i was brushing my teeth) on his head. he seemed to like this idea and encouraged me to do so. he told me he'd like to see me try do that. and i obliged. yes, i spit toothpaste on my roommate's head. that's just the kind of gal i am.

NB: xy has a shaved head, so a quick rinse (well, first a headbutt/smear all over my sweater was in order) solved the problem in a matter of seconds.

saturday morning i woke up to find xx preparing a lovely birthday surprise: bruschetta, a loaf of bread, brie, goat cheese, olives and some sort of pesto artichoke thing. she then told me how she'd mentioned to a co-worker that the majority of her gift to me was cheese and how said co-worker did not seem to think that was a very impressive gift. i did, however, think it was impressive.

there was much sitting around and being hungover that day, as for some reason the four or five or six beers i'd had the night before were all still lodged in my brain. unfortunate.

carson, xx, xy, the maj and i ate some fantastic food at scottadito osteria toscana, which is on Union st between 6&7th or 5&6th and is totally worth the trip wherever you are. great decor, nice staff, insanely good food. good wines. it was sweet. (they are part of dine-in brooklyn next week and have pretty reasonable prix fixe all the time as well as a brunch about which xy won't shut up.)

it was with great panic that i and my cohorts headed into the city...i was already 1/2 an hour late for my own shit. i knew no one would be there, but as i would end up being an hour late, i figured people would be there by then... and they were. but it's ok, cause it was my motherfucking birthday.

there were only a few people at mona's when we got there, so that was comforting. it was roasting hot in there. luckily there was plenty of cheap beer to cool us off! whew!

the gift unwrap...
cartons of cigarettes received: 3 (note: this does actually disturb me a little)
bunches of flowers received: 3
bunches of flowers received from absolute strangers: 1
$5 in juke songs received from aboslute strangers: 1
chicago manuals of style squealed like a girl over: 1
cds/dvds: 5
india-related items: 5
winning lottery tickets: 1
tiaras worn: 1

sunday was possibly the most pathetic day in the history of my life. carson got up and went to walk around the village, i slept. on her way home, carson got us bagels, which is one of the many reasons we love her so. then, uh. cheese. and television. and a nap. and some more cheese. and also tv again. and eventually thai food. and couch-based brownie baking supervision. i did shower, which is pretty fucking impressive in my opinion, but i also returned immediately to pyjamas afterwards. and, as coach dodgeball so perfectly said it, getting "hosed with a repeat grey's anatomy". bastards.


alex said...

you also got a scratch off ticket!

wild cherry sara said...

you speak the right...i have updated to reflect changes. i need to cash that sucker in. do they expire?