07 March 2006

i think winning might actually be everything

we went into last night's double header 0-2 and left it 1-3. i'll tell you what, i'll take being the randomly awesome team over being last-season's-almost-unbeatable-team-who-can't-seem-to-get-their-shit-together-this-season any day.
i wasn't rolling much of anything, but considering i was literally barely awake, i'm cutting myself some slack. and there was one or two in there. the first game was a toughy and with a little less bad luck, i'm pretty sure it could've been ours, but not so.
luckily the second game proved to be our breakthrough. things seemed to gel a little bit more, or at least i finally figured out how to compensate for the hard bank left followed by the hard bank right on the court.
some of you are aware that i've learned my "talking smack on the internets" lesson, but there's a new "flock" in town this season...
anyway, i hadn't realized just how annoying it was to be a loser until i was a winner again. the euphoria that came when the last ball rolled into place, securing our point, it's goooooood. and massively better than the feeling i'd experienced scant 2 hours earlier when mayor ed bocce (no' bad, eh?) gave us a bit of an ass fuck.
manlio and i are agreeing on lots today.

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