10 March 2006

i never knew until tonight that the world had gone so daft with this nonsense

being the supportive friend that i am, i went to see the heights players' production of everyone's favorite author miller play about idiots panicking, the crucible.

xx and i met at city hall park and walked over the bridge, where i shot some very blurry photos in that awesomely weird light that was going on last night. i have to shout out to the little bakery on henry, cranberry's, cause they make some retarded good chocolate cake.

so anyway, it was an open rehearsal. jdog had informed me prior that this particular performance would be attended by two groups of high school students. i thought it would be funny to not mention this to xx (who is a teacher) until we got there. she was less than pleased with me.

it was like being at a taping of "saved by the bell". remember how whenever anyone would kiss on that show, everyone in the audience was all "wooooo"? that's what these kids were all about, only triggered by the words "arse", "whore" and any mention of killing anyone. it was actually very entertaining because these kids were getting into it in their own way. sure, it was a little annoying to tune out the din of constant conversation going on throughout the whole 3 hour episode, but every time i saw a kid do that snappy thing they do when someone delivered a line, it made me giggle.

during the intermission, we were privelidged enough to witness the birth of the newest insult in the new york high school scene: "girl, you look like a pilgrim". watch for it soon on the OC.

xx, jdog and i hopped the 63 back to el slopo and had the requisite coupla' at commonwealth. but go me: today is the first day this week i didn't sleep right the fuck through my alarm. god i need sleep.

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