22 March 2006

i only live to get radical

last night, point break and i finally got drunk and hooked up.

this movie has been pushing itself on me for a while now, but it culminated this weekend, when bonnaroo and coach dodgeball went to see the thing at galapagos, and when the book i was reading, Attention. Deficit. Disorder, by Brad Listi (a relatively enjoyable first attempt. and it reads fast enough to keep you from feeling like you've wasted a bunch of time on it if you don't like it. still, i have high hopes for this guy), mentioned, among other things, that keanu reeves' character's name is Johnny Utah. WOW. that is bad, the kind of bad i can appreciate. so xx and i settled down on the couch and took it in.

xx has a long history with this movie. an ex-bf of hers apparently couldn't stand the poorly-edited surfing footage and so she shared her new knowledge with me. my favorite thing is how in certain scenes there is just no way in hell they were in southern california. not only is the water a gorgeous blue color instead of muddy looking, but the landscape is lush and mountainous. hysterical, really.

we decided that someone's cousin or son must've written the screenplay and that's how it got produced. (no, i am not being sexist. there is no way in hell a female would've written that movie.)

hahaha. check out the massive list of goofs from imdb!! it's almost like no one gave a shit about anything in this movie.

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