06 March 2006

oh, fuck it. i'm gonna have a party

we finally had the party(tm).
let's put it this way, lots of people showed up.
some of them brought a lot of booze, but it was all slurped up by the time we cleaned up sunday.
we had 1 1/2 kegs. both of which were kicked by 330 (i think. ZERO concept of time.).

there was yet another victim of the "put on this weird fleece thingy my boss gave me and let me get a picture of you in it" (strangely enough, he'd already been documented in said outfit a year ago and requested a re-shoot).
at one point, i thought to myself "there was absolutely no reason for me to smoke that".
at another point i thought "there is no way for me to even remotely estimate how many beers i've had".
there was dancing.
i burned the hell out of my hand during the sparklers portion of the evening.
i also lost the teensyest bit of hair in the same debacle.
xx managed to pull a party foul as both a hostess and a guest at the SAME party, spilling a number of beers at our place and knocking over a bottle of wine at the neighbors'.

for this we commend her.
guillaume turned up with his mom.
xx's dean of students was there until 3am.
we have a pretty hot downstairs neighbor i didn't know about.
there were chips, pretzels and munchkins (thanks j&j) and cookies (thanks whoever brought those) and there was nothing left.
when i get very drunk i correct my own grammar.

with a massive delay.
i came very close to asking someone to leave when she told me how excited she was for the coldplay concert, because she'd heard they're even better than billy joel live!
there is a solid portion of the evening i do not remember.
midnight cowboy is not the movie you want to watch with a hangover.

it's hard to put together a highlight reel when the footage has holes burnt in it and is soaked in beer.

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