23 March 2006

and a happy birthday to me

the following email exchange took place between the hours of 4 and 5 pm, on the day before i take the day off:

apple brandy: and yes, this gum is completely hateful. I feel like I just licked fifty legal size envelopes.
wild cherry sara: hahah. at least you dont have the papercuts to go with it.
apple brandy: Right, because blood and envelope glue are NOT two great tastes that taste great together.
apple brandy: Huh, was that overly nasty? I can do much better than that. But I won't. because you are obviously too delicate
wild cherry sara: it just surprised me. gimme all you got, woman.
what happens if you give your tongue a papercut and a little piece of your tongue gets sliced off and sticks to the glue and ends up getting mailed to the client and they open the package and they don't even know it, but there's a little piece of your tongue.

apple brandy: Nice.
And as the client opens the package, one of her hands brushes against the part where your tongue piece is lodged. The tongue piece is momentarily transferred to the client's hand AND THEN the client picks up the cadbury crème egg that she was eating before the mail came. Long story short, your tongue piece ends up in the client's mouth and she swallows it along with the runny crème egg filling.

wild cherry sara: but not before she getsa paper cut by opening the envelope which also tore the tongue piece in half and half of the tongue slips in through the parted pieces of skin and lodges there. and a tongue GROWS OUT OF HER HAND
apple brandy: Wow. You win.

well, that's it from this immature, 27 year old wcs. i'll be back on monday with some serious thoughts to ponder. unless i'm too busy doing work. BWAHHHHahAhAHAH

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