17 March 2006

i think this place is full of spies

ok, so gmail has been performing "maintenance" like every ten seconds this morning. my guess is they're reading all my emails so they can figure out when and where the best place to plant the chip in my brain will be.

a couple of days ago, hotmail invited me to change my email over to some new hotmail live (beta) (if this doesn't make hotmail sound even more like a porn site, i don't know what will). being the adventurous sort, i did. this shit sucks. i wish they'd ask me what i thought, because i'd tell them it sucks. for one the stupid box that holds the list of useful links like "inbox", "junk mail", "drafts", etc., is TINY. like barely tall enough to see the full word "inbox" without scrolling up or down a bit. so you have to click on the little buttons with arrows on to get to "junk mail" or whathaveyou. but right below that is a relatively giant box with only this inside: "new folder". really poor design.

then the preview pane or whatever they're calling it comes in "bottom" "side" or "none". this, too, is waay too small. and, as far as i can tell, there's no way to maximize the message so you can read more than four lines at a time. and the far right-hand side of the screen is about 1/3 advert. brilliant guys, how much did you spend developing this piece of shit?

the good news is, you're able to click back to the "traditional hotmail view" or some crap. take it from me, the new hotness sucks ass. stick with old & busted this time.

Update: i just found the "send us your feedback" section of Live Mail Beta. and then i gave them an eyefull of "i want to talk about a specific feature...and i want to say something i don't like about it".

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