08 March 2006

rss dvr?

ok, so i was just noticing that Sons & Daughters premiered last night without me noticing. i was blissfully unawares watching the (unintentionally) hilarious first episode ever of the West Wing followed by 2+ hours of getting mad at stanley kubrick for really doing a massive disservice to the book with his self-aggrandizing version of a clockwork orange. and i didn't even really like the book in the first place. but i now understand the less-than-warm mentions of kubrick's version in the foreward. anyway. the point is, i now have to remember to set the dvr for next week's sons & daughters, but sometimes it won't let you do anything for a show that's over a week ahead. so i might have to walk around with "s&d" written on my hand for the next five days, which is just odd, even for me. this is a problem i have all the time. i hear about some shit that's on that i want to dvr, but it's not available on the stupid dvr menu yet...
TimeWarner, I challenge thee: make it possible to set my dvr from the interweb. think of it, you read some review of a show or what-have-you, you go to the home page of your dvr and click on some shit and then it records. this is brilliant. i am brilliant. conversely, you could put a little button on the homepages of shows, like the rss buttons, and it hooks you up auto-style. good lord, someone give me money for this idea!

see? tivo's sort of got the idea.

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