28 March 2006

i heart bowery ballroom

jensenator, carson and i went to the books show at bowery ballroom on friday.

we saw one death vessel song. weird. weird weird weird. girly hair, girly voice, boyey boy. they seemed ok.

jose gonzalez came out and waded quietly through a set of 8 or 9 songs, i think. it made me sleepy. it's pretty music and he played it beautifully, but it's just so mellow. the crowd went nuts when he played "heartbeats" and i think he played another cover but i didn't recognize it or maybe that's when i went to the bathroom or to smoke or something.

in between sets, i ran into n'orleans at the bar. the bar at bowery is so awesome. if you really hate the fuck out of an opener you can be in a totally different world in that bar.

so, the books. i have a few of their songs and i've listened to some stuff on limewire. i was unprepared for this shit. two guys, one cello, one guitar, a shitload of samples and some of the best accompanying video i've ever seen, including one of spliced together shots of old timey mormons taking their hats off, some jellyfish, some animals, a lot of anagrams and phoenetically spelled phrases and some other stuff i don't remember. either way it was FUCKING AWESOME. i kid you not, i kept looking around me and everyone was grinning the whole way through the show. it was a joyous occasion. fucking awesome. they're coming again in may to northsix and the world financial center, and i will be at one if not both of those shows.

sadly, the books are damn near impossible to locate on the internet due to their MORONICALLY COMMONPLACE NAME, ahem, so i can't really direct you anywhere to do anything. i can't even find their album on sale. luckily they had it at the show and jensenator gave me the two he had for the old birthday.

since the clock had struck twelve whilst we were at the show, we hopped over to 12" for a birthday drink for me!!! hooray! then we went home.

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