29 March 2006

yes, i definitely have this problem

Hearing loss has been called a loss of intimacy, because as hearing acuity declines, the ability to pick out a voice over background noise is one of the first things to go. The hearing-impaired often sit there nodding politely, effectively zoned out from conversations because they get sick of asking, "What?"

shit. i was just thinking about this last night when jensenator was talking to me at the elected/magic numbers show and i couldn't hear what he was on about. and in bars, i'm always like "what's that again?" poo. i am losing my hearing!

the show, again at bloody webster hall...interesting sidenote, though:
when i was in st. lucia over xmas i saw this weird long fish with like spots or stripes or something. i mentioned it to my parents, cause i hate creatures of the sea in general and was grossed out by a fish being that close to my body. my dad kind of chuckled and didn't say much until later when he mentioned that's a close description to a barracuda. you know, those fish that will eat the fuck out of you?!?! anyway, we got to the show super duper early and went upstairs, where there are fish tanks at the bar. and lo and behold! barracuda in the fishtank. and guess what? that motherfucker i saw in st. lucia was one of those flesh eating sons of bitches.

anyway, blake sennett. what the fuck, kid? the hat: not so much. the jacket: not so much. the moustache?!? i leaned over to the jensenator and said "does blake sennett have like a super shitty moustache?" because it was so crap i couldn't even tell if it was real. it's one of those pencil thin ones. NO!!! no, i say. (in all seriousness, dude looks pederastastic.)

as for their musical performance, it was OK. their guitarist is AWESOME. he is clearly the most talented dude, except perhaps for the keyboarder, who i could neither see nor hear very well (see above), and so may well be very, very good. but the guitarist was rad. jensenator liked the drummer.

anyhoo, i wish i could remember more about the rilo kiley performance at across the narrows, cause all i remember is jenny lewis being a ham. cause last night old BS sure gave her a run for her money. it was kind of cute and unnerving at the same time. either way, i kind of disappointed in the show. :(

the magic numbers, for all the poppy goodness on their album and the clearly positive attitude possessed by all the members of the band, failed to get me too riled up last night. they were fairly static on stage. and while their almost inhuman synchronization was certainly impressive, it was kind of the only exciting thing going on. it was like listening to the album really loud, on shuffle.

then i found out we lost our bocce game. then i hated the mta because the r train went out of service at canal and i got the q to dekalb and there were crews in BOTH tunnels, which is a sure sign you will not get home within the hour. so i went upstairs and jumped in a cab. (thank god for birthday cash!)

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