23 March 2006

it's not the fall that hurts

yeah, so monday we had a bocce game. a game we lost. again. what happened to us?

actually, our opposition were super good. and we held our own against them. we were scoring 1 for 1 almost the whole way through the first game, which i blew on my last roll. jeez, i can't even remember if we won the second game or not. i think we might have. but it's all beside the point, because we lost in the end.

in happier news, i did find out that there is a floyd II opening sometime this spring--on the corner of 5th and union en el slopo. with TWO floors, and TWO bocce courts and OUTDOOR SEATING. goodbye everywhere else, i'm moving in. (except the gyc, which opens in roughly 2 months.)

and guess, just guess what i did after the game? i went the fuck home! go me!

so tomorrow's the big day off when i go get a new york state drivers license...apparently i should have done that about 3 1/2 years ago. whoops...and then carson is coming in that afternoon so we're gonna, oh i don't know, start drinking around 3? and later that night is jose gonzalez and the books! (why is it that i can find nothing of the books's new album anywhere? aside from pitchfork, who gave them an OK review. not on amazon, not on emusic...how am i supposed to buy this thing is no one's selling it?!?)

and of course saturday is the superextraordinaryamazingfantasticexciting birthday # 28. or 30 minus 2 as i like to call it. sunday. sunday is clearly for doing nothing except wishing i were dead and moaning. and thai food. and west wing. and grey's anatomy.

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