08 March 2006

eat more christians-er, chicken

i used to work at chick-fil-a. i was totally promoted to overlord of the drive-thru. i got to boss people around and eat chicken nuggets and that lemon pie all day. it was fucking rad. what was also rad, as a jew, was that i never had to work sundays. perhaps that actually appealed to the "lazy" and not the "jew" in me, but whatevs. i knew truett cathy or whatever was a big bible thumping freakazoid, but I NEVER HAD TO WORK ON A SUNDAY, and that was good enough for me.
chick-fil-a's christian allegiances never bothered me none, i was never forced to pray at work, as a matter of fact, as the chick where i worked was located in a pretty jewed up 'hood in the atl, there were a number of other heathens working there. they had some good scholorships too as i recall.
but this is kinda weird. bring your church bulletin and get a free sannie (w/purchase of a combo meal)? of course, it's happening in tejas.

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