14 March 2006

but. god. told me. to.

i rode in this morning sitting next to a dying roach. it was on the window sill next to my seat on the subway. its antennae were sadly waving around, as though it was trying to use up the last energy it had so it could go on and die already. its guts had spilled out a little, it was on its back.

i could relate to this roach.

yesterday was the jewish holiday called purim. on this holiday, jews are commanded to drink until we can't tell the difference between good and evil. since eventually i thought closing a bar on a monday night is good, i think god will be proud of me.

the night started off innocently enough with an 8pm bocce game. i was thinking i might even make it home by 10. then i kept feeling a little guilty that i wasn't going to get drunk for god. i mean, i don't want to make god sad! but then i remembered how i'm tired all the time and i want to stop going out every night.

then we lost, which never helps anything. although, had we won the commiseration drinks would still have been had, only they'd've been called celebratory. one by one the more reasonable teammates went home, until it was me, manlio, xx and k-fed. we decided to have one more and then head out.

4+ hours later, we played a super wasted game of 3 am bocce--which, incidentally, i am awesome at (and yes, i am aware that i just ended that clause witha preposition)--and eventually had to be told by the bartender that it was monday night what was wrong with us people we should all go home (there were quite a few people still left at the bar). and finally, because no one would let us have just one more, we did.

xx was saying just the other day that there's the headache hangover and the nausea hangover. i don't normally get the latter, but i've got it today. i was eyeing every trash can on the street walking to work, but only after wondering if i would be the "sick passenger" that would delay 6 ave service for the next three hours. luckily, the moms sent me a book of hangover cures which i keep inconspicuously next to the phone on my desk. unfortunately, they tend to require ingredients i don't have, such as carrots, a granny smith (or other tart) apple and a cube of ginger root.

we already know they're anti-semites, but blogger is also anti-bocce, and this i won't stand for...

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