01 March 2006

we were warned, yeah, we were warned not to stay out too late

where to start.

ck one, now and forever redubbed the west river, and i busted out of the joint early and cabbed it over to 54th and 10th ave for the old colbert report. there was a lot, A LOT, of waiting involved. they sent out a fluffer comic to warm up the crowd, and he was pretty funny. i can't remember a single one of his jokes.

then SC himself came out and was really fun. he ran around and jumped up on his desk and made strange gestures. the show itself was a good one. it's pretty interesting to watch how it's all taped and stuff. it's also weird how they make you fake laugh a bunch before the show.

it really was much more exciting than it seems from this lame description, but you can watch the show.

i was super late to the WYB! game, but did manage to make it in time to play the last two games. we were defeated. rather badly. we pulled it out to three games at least, and we all had some amazing shots, including one of the best shots i've ever seen by the maj, which in the most unfair and unjust way knocked our opponent's ball right out of the way only to have it roll right back where it was. i've never experienced such a sharp drop in emotion in my life. coach dodgeball also threw some nice ones, as did the schwartz, i got one super shot in right when i showed up and then could not get the ball to do what i wanted. i was also trying to play and eat a kabob sandwich at the same time, which ain't so easy. we were all having problems.

so now we are 0-2. we have a double header on monday, and i hope we can pull off a miracle. maybe we should watch hoosiers or something before the game.

we hung out for a couple after the game and then manlio and i decided that one more couldn't hurt, so we popped over to last exit. two beers, two shots and two vodka cranberries later (and seriously, i'm really not sure how i managed to drink all that), i'd mistaken danzig for the doors, sang 'sweet chile o' mine' poorly and decided that maybe arranged marriage isn't such a bad idea, because if it sucks, you just blame your parents. oh, yeah, and we invented "fuckball"(patent pending), so when you're out and wasted, you can send a text message and it tells you if there are other people of your sexual preference nearby who are drunk enough to hook up with you.

it came as quite a surprise when i woke up drunk this morning. there's always that short period right when you wake up and think to yourself, "why am i trying to hail a taxi from my bed?" and then you realize, "because i got shitfaced last night" and then you stand up and put on your slippers and almost fall over and think "and it seems as though i am still shitfaced" i might actually still be drunk now, although i have a headache, which suggests a hangover.
manlio's side of the story


Anonymous said...

at one point in my life, nearly every friday i woke up hailing a cab from my bed.

wild cherry sara said...

you have no idea how much this comforts me.