31 March 2006

ethiopian food: good; theatregoers: annoying as fuck

last night the maj and i went to studio 54 to see threepenny opera.

sadly, the show kinda sucked. it lacked pizazz, panache, elan, a sense of humor, timing...i could go on. i was severely disappointed in alan cumming's lack of enthusiasm for his role. i was expecting him to really bring out a wickedness with a twinkle in his eye, but it wasn't there.

so, there were two overly annoying theatre whores in front of us. those kinds of people who live near lincoln center and talk about stuff like it's really important even though it's not? it's a damn shame my knee kept bumping into their chairs (seriously, though, there is like NO legroom in that place. beware if you are over 6'.). also, one woman was yelling at another woman to put her candy away because "we paid to hear the music, not you unwrapping your candy" (repeat ad nauseum)--during the fucking INTERMISSION. let the bitch eat her candy bar, you stupid blue-dress-wearing cunt. then she said "go back to new jersey", which is just fucking obnoxious as obnoxious gets. i know it's ha ha funny to joke about jersey, but for real, this freak of nature takes this smug manhattan attitude like she knows how to act at the theatre (oh, yeah, she also peppered her little speech with "so selfish", no matter that she was the one being annoying and disruptive to everyone else's mediocre at best theatre experience.) and this woman must be from somewhere else because she dared eat a fucking chocolate bar at fucking intermission! here's the best part, though, the candy offender was all "i'm not from new jersey" and devil in the blue dress's retort: "long island, then". you're one clever bitch, ain'tcha?

studio 54 is awesome. i wondered if i licked the walls if i might get high, but did not try it. majola and i had some rad ethiopian food beforehand on 48th and 10th i think...BOMB! that shit was so good!

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