07 March 2006

top things i agree with manlio about

he really does rule. he hates the same assholes on the subway i do. only he left out the guy who has to sit with his legs spread as wide as possible so i can barely fit into the seat. and the woman who stands over me holding onto the bar above the seats and lets her purse continually smack me in the face. and the woman who walks past me on the platform and mushes into me with her bag and doesn't say excuse me. and the people who think the most logical time to search for their metrocard is when they're already halfway in the turnstile. oh, and the pregnant women who WON'T take my seat when i offer it to them. take the seat, woman!
you'd think people wouldn't be so horrible to each other in a place where it would be so easy for me to throw them in front of a train. go figure.

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