12 May 2006

why you gotta piss me off on a friday?

this gothamist post alerted many new yorkers that frank gehry unveiled (no pun intended. you'll see in a sec) his new fucklantic yards plan.

...Gehry named the tallest building the "Miss Brooklyn" after a bride he saw while walking in Brooklyn, saying "She's a bride with her flowing bridal veil--I really overdid it. If you had seen the bride you would--I fell in love with her."

go fuck yourself, frank. and ha! she's already married to someone else.

get a load of this bullshit, though:

We're trying to understand what is Brooklyn, what is the body language of Brooklyn and trying to emulate it without copying it. Copying it would trivialize it.

the body language of brooklyn? first of all someone should revoke your ability to use the english language. you're a twat. second, i'll tell you what the body language of brooklyn is, it's short, and squat, and beefy, and a little sweaty, and ready to beat the EVERLOVING SHIT OUT OF YOU. then he said some rubbish about how people should've protested henry ford. well, hindsight is 20/20, motherfucker. if we'd known then that a nazi sympathizer would essentially be responsible for a goddamn crack addiction to oil, not to mention covering 10% (?) of the nation in roads and parking lots and, oh, global warming, and hell, traffic in general, maybe we would have protested the son of a bitch. but luckily for us, we know you're a twat now, so we can protest you now! i will shove brooklyn's body language up your shiny surfaced ass! i hate you!

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