16 May 2006


consumerist, one of the greatest ideas ever, has enlightened me to the fact (although, i've heard this rumour a dozen times, it was always something i meant to look up on snopes) that bananas are going bye-bye. apparently they can't reproduce sexually any more, which is a real goddamn shame. especially seing how fallic bananas are in the first place.

this reminds me of a story the maj told me about the trees in new york city. apparently, they're all male. males give off more pollen, but they make less of a mess when they shed, or some crap. anyway, we have a city full of homotrees. what i like about this story is, despite having no idea where it originated, the maj, xx and i all decided to believe it because just because we liked the sound of it.

good news for bloggers who like to go outside occasionally and sit under a male non-banana tree:
The effort is part of a larger initiative that would also set up wireless networks by summer's end in parts of three more large parks: Prospect Park in Brooklyn, Van Cortlandt Park in the Bronx and Flushing Meadows-Corona Park in Queens.

I know i've been really, really negligent on this lately, but here to make it up to you, i give thee "baghdad parking garage kills at least 19"

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