18 May 2006

gone, daddy gone, the [maj] is gone away

the maj and i had a little lame fest last night. we dropped by american apparel and spent more money than we should've and then walked, via rachel's taqueria, back to my house where we ate and booked our hotel for delhi. then we said goodbye to each other about six bazillion times.

but, there's something pretty fucking rad about saying, "i'll see you in india", especially when it will be as i walk up to find her laying by this pool:

yes, my brothers and sisters, this is the pool of the maidens hotel. it's old colonial style with lots of "grounds" and a "bar" and also a "pool". and they will pick us up from indira ghandi international airport. the maj gets in july 1 at 10pm and i arrive 2 july at 8am.

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