03 May 2006

meeting #2

clocked in at just over 45 minutes.
munchkins were served.
something was actually accomplished!

next week: cinnabon! (it just became clear to me that i'm actually baiting myself to these meetings with food)

i know some of you out there are upset about my lack of artistry of late, but believe it or not, i do have some work to do these days. anyway, stay tuned for the riveting story of last sunday's visits to the cherry blossom festival and city island and monday's adventure at LQ and soda.

for now, via jerry (which was via heartonastick, which was in turn via TMFTML), i bring you lily. i've always been fond of the name lily, but it turns out this one can make the kind of tunes that make you want to drink outside...as if you need any convincing.

cheryl tweedy
knock em out

LDN, for various reasons, is my favorite. reminds me of everyone spilling out onto the pavements outside of pubs after work. *sigh*

also, stereogum has the mp3 for the zero 7/jose gonzales track "futures" KEXP have been playing this a lot, and i really like it. for more, hype machine zero 7. it seems like jose's been spending a lot of time with them, and it's a great combination.

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Anonymous said...

i am liking ldn! kb