12 May 2006

and forward this if any of your friends might be interested

you know how we all (or maybe just people i know) send out those emails: "hey, we're moving, want our stuff?" "i'm getting rid of [thing], who wants it?" "i have an extra ticket to [gig/play] anyone want it?"

where's this one?

"hey, i accidentally got knocked up last month and i'm not so into abortions, so do you or anyone you know want this kid i'm gonna have? you have about 6 months to make the decsion, b/c i want to make sure it has a place to go when it comes out. i just can't have it hanging around the house. i don't know if it's a boy or a girl, but i do have a pretty good idea who the father is, so you've got that. it should be in good running condition, as we're going to the doctor's appointments when they tell us to and i'm pretty healthy. i'm willing to quit smoking and drinking for the duration of the pregnancy if you'll just promise to take it off my uterus after i do the birthing and whatnot. so, i don't know, $5? let me know!"

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