25 May 2006

apples are hot & juicy!

there was an article or four in endgaget that mentioned macbookpros' tendency to get a little hot under the collar, and how therefore apple put a warning in their manuals and dumped the term "laptop" altogether.

this article, while interesting, i suppose, in and of itself, linked to another article about a "don't chew on me" warning for shuffles in the UK (vs the "don't eat me" warning in the US).

this, of course, reminded me of the guy i saw the other day on the F who was, i kid you not, nor do i exhaggerate: treating his nano like a lolly. first he was just sort of pushing it against his closed lips, but then, i guess he just couldn't resist. at first i was concerned that he'd fuck it all up by getting saliva in little slot where you plug in the, uh, plug thing, which is gross anyway. then i realized the nano has the headphone jack and the pluggy inny thing on the same side and he was sucking, and now, it seemed, chewing, on the other side. so good for that, i guess. then i wondered about the "lock" mechanism. then i realized the guy is chewing on fucking ipod nano and he's probably got way more problems besides getting his drool in the lock mechanism.

still, what the hell?

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