22 May 2006

how to gracefully disappear in a room

i spent most of the weekend holding back tears of laughter as my aunt's rotweiler ate every paper product in the house: paper bags, paper towels, paper napkins, tissues and, the piece de resistance -- grabbing the end of the toilet roll and running through the house, tping the inside, for ten minutes. she also tried to eat my socks. she loves my socks.

but then i got on a train and came back to new york city. i celebrated by immediately getting poured on as i walked out of the subway. this has been happening a lot. and i have been not bringing any kind of rain gear with me a lot. thus, i have been walking around soaking wet frequently. but, no matter.

the fifth ave fair was on in full effect and like good street fairers, xx and i ate our way up it and drank our way down it. yes. street fairs are like heaven on earth. snacks included a rib from blue ribbon, sushi from blue ribbon (oh god!), mozareppa, pickles, a samosa, pad thai and beer (six point ipa and sweet action, yum).

i then hopped the f to meet jensenator at webster hall for the national show. we got there early to check out doveman, which turned out to be a waste of time, as neither of us were terribly interested.

but the second opener, this baby dayliner person, was very entertaining, if a little unnerving. he sort of mosey-dances his way around the stage with his pompadour and sings (badly) very strange and funny lyrics over what might be very obscure 80s tunes and if not are very good copies of 80s tunes. jensenator smartly said it was like karaoke, mostly cause the guy just isn't a very talented singer. but i was definitely getting a little dancy itch in my legs and he's pretty freaking funny. worth checking out if only for sheer entertainment value. however, i was over it about three songs before he was.

then the national came on. played a very nice set with most, if not all, of alligator and a few from dirty songs.... they're good. real good. very tight. i have a huge crush on one of thier guitarists now based on not only his cuteness, but the fact that he's the one who plays all the pretty little riffs, and watching his fingers run across those strings? wow.

lit up and mr. november were sure crowd pleasers, and i was surprised that all the wine got as big a reaction as it did. i did not get 90 mile water wall, but that's OK. i did get karen and secret meeting.

so matt beringer, though. uh. issues. the lyrics certainly make you think something's up, but his onstage antics rival thom yorke's in the "super crazy lead singer" category. he sort of knocked the mic against his head and looked generally disturbed most of the show. i sort of hope it was an act, cause this dude looks like he's got serious problems. also, not one for the "performer/audience" banter. more of the "this show was supposed to be at bowery ballroom, but they moved it, and we don't care. this show was supposed to be for charity, but now it's not, so we're all getting personal slaves" (only it took about 10 minutes to get that out) type.

good show, though.

and finally, the answer to today's inane question: yes, pink good & plentys taste better than white ones.

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