04 May 2006

all your summer songs

fresh off the lily from yesterday, jerry's got a real nice mix of tunes. you can hear most of them (out of order but all at once) here.

the standout here is surely the
stills' "oh shoplifter". lester gave me "retour a vega" a while ago and i love love loved it, but nothing else i heard of theirs really piqued my interest. until now. for those of you in the 79degree city of new york, this is just the song to get you riled up for your afternoon cocktails. i know i'm running downtown to hit a roofdeck come 530---or maybe 515...

also, check out the sam champion mp3s on jerry or hype machine. these guys loooooved pavement. oh, lord. any song with a chorus of "and i'm too broke to go and get drunk" has won me over. that jerry really knows what he's doing.

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