11 May 2006

the last picture show

i used to live pretty close to the movie theatre on flatbush at 7th ave. it always had kinda shitty movies about a month after their original release date, but i wanted to see something there nonetheless. one day, though, it closed without warning and i added yet one more thing to the list of "things that i just won't ever get to do", like see radiohead play 'let down' live (which it seems they might be doing on this tour, but i couldn't get tickets *sigh*).

anyhoo, curbed says that it's reopened as an american apparel. i can't say i'm sad that an aa is in the 'hood, although it's not much, if at all, closer than the new one on smith street, but i really did want to see a movie in that theatre... :(

anyway, if i make it to broxy's birthday party at soda tonight, perhaps i will be able to give it a once-over.

(rh link via Stereogum)

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