11 May 2006

the perfect fruit

i've always said, you don't eat a mango, you make out with it. and clearly indians agree:

How to eat a mango, presented in a three-part mime. She first holds out a cupped hand, in which sits the imaginary glistening orange oval of a whole peeled mango; she then deftly flicks her hand at the wrist to propel the phantom mango against her mouth, which gets busy sucking the flesh down to the seed; finally, outrageously, she deploys the full length of her tongue to lick her arm, elbow to wrist, to recapture an inevitable trickle of invisible mango juice.

it also seems that george II likes mangoes enough to trade them for nuclear technology. i'm not so sure i'm into this one. but mangoes are fucking good.

The Indian wing of DHL even offers a courier service specifically for mangoes, although the
United States has long been absent from its list of destinations because of its ban on Indian mangoes. But the ban should soon be lifted as part of a deal struck by President Bush on his March visit to the country, which will also give India easier access to nuclear technology.

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