23 May 2006

NO!! I'm a volcano!!!

when i lived in london, my friend had a halloween party. the english aren't super into halloween. not like we are. so my friend's party was actually a theme party. we will not discuss how moronic it is to have a themed party on halloween, for we should be happy they had a fancy dress party for halloween at all. (they do seem to have fancy dress parties more frequently throughout the rest of the year, however. and they are very fun despite the disproportionate number of people dressed up as the clockwork orange kids.)

the theme was Hawai'i. why? i don't know. it's not like it's bad enough to have a themed party for halloween, but -- right, i wasn't going to do that...

so i decided to go as a volcano. i was extremely impressed with my cleverness. i wore a long black skirt and a black shirt and painted my face and neck bright orange, donned an orange clown's wig and had orange crepe paper streaming down from my neckline. it was entirely impossible for anyone to NOT know i was a volcano. right?

as halloween is not much of an event in london, it's not like walking around new york with a huge orange wig and an orange face. you kinda stand out. especially when your lame ass friends and flatmates could muster little more than shorts and hawaiian shirts as costumes. and also would not walk within 20 meters of you.

and suddenly you'll notice that the things people on the street have been hollering at you all sound the same. and eventually you figure out that what they've been saying is "you've been tango'd".

ahh. you don't know what this means, but your friend explains tango is an orange flavoured fizzy beverage whose commercials regularly featured people popping cans open, taking a swig and ending up looking like what i would call a volcano. their hair pops out and they turn orange. i've never actually seen one of those ads, but i saw others whilst i lived there, and they were always pretty good.

the point is, today craigslist sent me a link to this tango ad. not only did it remind me of that moronic night when i rode the tube angrily declaring myself a volcano, but it's a nice rip off of that sweet sony ad from a while back. the frog does not fare so well this time.

also: dr. dog and myspace i recommend gettin' down with the kexp podcast.
finally: do you know what's been missing from your life?
my old kentucky blog does. it's a whole bunch of different people covering such songs as "love will tear us apart", "god only knows", "in the aeroplane over the sea" and "there is a light that never goes out". but it's missing no more.

blogger spellcheck says clowns cannot have posessions and nothing can be fizzy

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